Creepy cute plush dolls, art, and more!

Creepy Kawaii was created in 2012, and it has been growing ever since! I normally travel around the US selling my plush dolls at anime and pop culture conventions!


My 2018 Pin Collection Kickstarter is now live! It runs from 11-13 to 12-04 and can be found at !


In addition to buying Creepy Kawaii brand products online and at select conventions I travel to (found on the Events page), you can find select Creepy Kawaii products for sale at the following traveling retailer stores!

---Traveling Wholesalers---
Closet Geek LLC -   (Plush)
Fast Food Anime - (Plush and Mini Keychains)
Ohio Kimono - (Plush and Mini Keychains)
Geeky Endeavors - (Metal Enamel Pins)

---Storefront Locations---
Thrift Witch (REO Town in Lansing, MI) - (Plush, Pins, and Bags)

If you are a traveling retailer or have a storefront you would like to sell Creepy Kawaii brand products at, please email me at info [!at] for more information!

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